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We pondered the question of how we might be able to inform students about research and thesis topics that have the potential to solve the world's most pressing problems. It became clear that while students spend a lot of time thinking about their thesis, they're often unsure where to find topics to inspire them. This is why we created the Topic Discovery Digest. We'll share topics, resources and pressing problems for ambitious and research minded students (undergrad, masters and PhD levels, plus everything in between) and early-career researchers who want to make a significant positive impact in the world with their careers.

Even if you don’t plan to have a long-term research career, if you care about to upgrading your understanding of the world’s most pressing problems or will be working on your thesis in the future, this digest is for you.

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✓ Explore new research topics that might have large social impact
✓ Get recommendations for research tools that might help you produce better research

✓ Receive resources like articles, courses and research papers relevant to our recommended research directions

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