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How It Works

  • Explore early beta versions (still under development) of our research questions databases:

    1. A.I. Safety questions.

    2. Biosecurity questions.

    3. Global Health and Wellbeing questions.

    4. Animal Welfare questions (see VeganThesis.org). 

  • Connect: Engage with a community of like-minded researchers, mentors, and academic professionals.
  • Collaborate: Join forces with peers and experts to refine your research direction and methodology.
  • Contribute: Share your own unanswered questions, expanding our collective pursuit of knowledge and impact.


What We Are

The Research Questions Marketplace by Effective Thesis is a platform designed to connect ambitious student-researchers with the most pressing and impactful research questions of our time. We are dedicated to improving the landscape of academic research by focusing on what matters most: identifying the questions that will shape our future. To do so, we ask professors and research organizations to submit and peer review the questions that they consider the most important and that pre-PhD students can make progress on.

Our Purpose

In a world teeming with unanswered questions and untapped potential, we aim to bridge the gap between academic curiosity and real-world impact. Our mission is to:

  • Guide students, academics, and researchers to discover meaningful research questions that align with their skills, interests, and the global need for progress.
  • Foster collaboration among scholars across disciplines and cause areas to tackle complex challenges with interdisciplinary approaches.
  • Amplify the impact of research by focusing efforts on areas that promise significant, positive change for society and the planet.

Join Our Cause

We are actively seeking committed individuals to help us expand our database across more cause areas and disciplines. Whether you are a student in search of a meaningful thesis topic, a researcher looking to guide the next generation, or an academic professional eager to share your expertise, your contribution can make a significant difference to the hundreds of thousands of visitors to our website.

Get Involved

  • Submit a Question: Have an idea for a research question that can change the world? Share it with our community.
  • Become a Mentor: Guide aspiring researchers by providing insights, feedback, and support.
  • Contribute Your Expertise: Help us curate and expand our database by contributing your knowledge of critical research areas.

Why Join Us?

By joining the Research Questions Marketplace, you become part of a movement towards more purposeful, impactful research. Together, we can:

  • Shape the future of academic inquiry
  • Drive real-world change through research
  • Build a global community of forward-thinking researchers

Ready to Make an Impact?

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Let’s achieve more research with purpose, sharing questions that will help students to make an impact, and help each other to make a difference through research that will contribute to the public good.

For high-impact research questions specific to animal advoacy and plant-based diets, see our sister website veganthesis.org.

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