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PhD and early career research funding 

While some PhD programmes offer a stipend that covers your tuition and living expenses, other programmes require you to attain funding yourself. If you are doing an independent research project, you might also need funding to support yourself.

 If you need funding for your PhD, we recommend starting by reading this simple introduction to PhD funding and advice on how to apply for funding. You might also find it useful to review these country guides.

Database of PhD funding opportunities

Once you have a better sense of how PhD funding works in general, our database of specific funding opportunities can help you find funding for your project. This database is different from others in that it only features funding opportunities that are relevant for some of our recommended research directions.

The database includes funded PhD programmes, university grants and scholarships, and sources of funding from other organisations such as non-profits and philanthropic foundations. By default it only shows funding opportunities that are currently open. You can see closed opportunities by editing the filtering criteria.

If you know of other funding opportunities that are relevant to some of our prioritised research directions, please message [email protected]. Sophie will also be very happy to hear from you on how useful the database was to you and whether it helped you find funding that you may not have found otherwise. We are a non-profit project, so these testimonials of impact are very important for us.

PhD funding opportunities

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