Use your thesis to improve the world. Our coaching will help you.

Make your thesis meaningful

Writing a final thesis is a big investment. You will likely put hundreds of hours and lots of effort in your final thesis. If you're planning academic career, your topic choice might determine what you will focus on for the rest of your career. What if you could use this opportunity for something more than just getting your degree? What if you could use it to learn about or even work on the most important and pressing problems our world faces? Make your thesis meaningful by using it to explore ways to significantly improve the world.

What does it mean to significantly improve the world?

There are many problems in the world, and we can't solve all of them due to our limited resources. Differences between the importance of problems are huge. Therefore, we should focus on the most important problems first. Good criteria for comparing problems are scale, neglectedness and solvability. We have focused on such problems, picked those that are bottlenecked by lack of research attention and created detailed research direction profiles to help you begin producing high impact research. Moreover, our internal team of coaches can offer personalised help to support you in the process of making a topic choice, give you additional resources and connect you with other students and researchers working on similar questions. Make your thesis meaningful by focusing it on the most important and neglected problems our world faces.

Want more context? Learn more about using evidence and analysis to do as much good as possible and about using your career to contribute to solving the most important problems.

How it works

1 Apply

Apply for coaching via the form below. After you apply, we will review your application and let you know whether we can offer you support. We are looking for people ready to put extra effort into figuring out how they can contribute to improving the world and make their research exceptional. If you are accepted, we will find a coach who is a good fit for you. Your coach will help you to identify the most important problems you could work on and how to tackle them with your thesis.

2 Connect

If you and your coach find a topic for you that's aligned with one of our recommended research directions, we will try to connect you with external researchers or organisations working on the same problem. We will not help you with thesis writing but will give you access to our supportive community where you can ask for help and share your experience with other students who are driven by the goal of doing research that has a significant positive impact on the world.

3 Start

After you finish your thesis, we will support you in publishing it and making it accessible to others. This service is free - our aims are to help students identify the most important problems and support research into these problems.

The best time to apply for our coaching is when you are not yet committed to any topic and still have time to explore ideas that may arise in the coaching. That usually means applying about 6 months before you have to start working on your thesis or submit PhD applications, although some people might be able to explore ideas and get oriented faster. Applying earlier than that is usually not as useful because some of your circumstances may change and you also might be less likely to put concentrated effort into exploring ideas from coaching if you are too far from starting writing your thesis. When we have a lot of applications, we give priority to people deciding what to focus on in their PhD programmes/applications.