Value drift in effective altruism

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"The concept of value drift is that over time people will become less motivated to do altruistic things." (read more in this blog post). Speaking to effective altruists about this, whether they feel the pull of value drift, how the think about it, whether they do anything to ameliorate the risk, what makes it harder/easier etc, would be valuable and is neglected. Comparing with other social movements might also be valuable. This also relates to Direct action and long term commitment

Why do we think this is important?

Effective altruism as a movement has a goal of achieving as much good as possible with limited resources. However its still a social movement and therefore some larger common effects and trends that apply to other movements (like value drift) might apply to Effective Altruism as well. In order to build the best possible movement and thus achieve as much good as possible its important to learn about these effects and take them into account.

Where to look next

Value drift & commitment accounts Empirical data on value drift

Concrete Ways to Reduce Risks of Value Drift

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