Online Courses

How to improve scientific writing:
Coursera course by Kristin Sainani

How to improve research skills (statistics, methodology):
Improving your statistical inferences by Daniel Lakens
Improving your statistical questions by Daniel Lakens

How to improve your computational and data analysis skills:
List of resources by Maximilian Kasy

How to do science transparently and openly:
MOOC by Berkeley Initiative for Transparency in Social Sciences
Course on improving credibility in social science research by Policy Design and Evaluation Lab
PhD Toolkit on Transparent, Open, and Reproducible Research by Open Science Framework


Resource library for psychologists (and perhaps other social scientists as well) by Olivier Klein

Where to find existing data:

Estimating your required sample size and statistical power:
UCLA's guide to using G*Power and also see more resources here.
Read here how to increase your power if your resources are limited.

Recruiting research participants:
(Reviews of various platforms and more rigorous comparison here)

Tool for building online experiments and behaviour change programs:
Guided Track

What it is and where/how to do it (and for randomized control trials specifically look at AEA RCT registry)
Also, see the Standart Operating Procedure for when you come across a situation you haven’t mentioned in your preregistration

List of journals doing registered reports (see the “participating journals” tab)

Where to publish your paper (recommendations based on your abstract):
Journal Guide

An app that automatically summarizes text to save your time:

An app that helps you organise your ideas into non-linear mindmaps (ie probably better than all the other mindmap apps, generally good in a creative research phase and especially in open/new research fields):
The Brain


All disciplines

Many universities have their own university- or faculty/school-based mini-grants programs to help students with exceptional research plans (e.g. exceptional research proposals for their undergraduate, masters or PhD thesis) or with exceptional extra-curriculum activities (like attending conferences or research-based events).
Try google something like “special research grants [name of your university]” to find whether yours have something like that as well.

Research related to animal advocacy: Animal Advocacy Research Fund

Philosophy and Economics
Forethought Foundation (specifically in Global Priorities Research)


All disciplines

The Global Undergraduate Awards

Also, your own department/university likely run their own thesis awards. Consider applying, it is usually a good way to show that your thesis is exceptional.

Philosophy and Economics
Undergraduate Thesis Prize in Global Priorities Research

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