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The Effective Thesis project aims to assist students in their thesis topic choice and direct their attention to areas that have the potential to greatly improve the world. Choosing a final thesis topic is an important step in researchers’ trajectories, yet there doesn’t seem to be much assistance provided through standard channels. Moreover, the consideration of how much could the progress on the given question improve the world often does not receive a lot of attention. We try to stir students’ inspiration by suggesting research paths which are important from this perspective yet neglected and thus could provide opportunities for higher impact via research. We also provide feedback on topic ideas, connect students with researchers who are already working in the given areas and connect them with other students working on similar issues.

Our project is based on the principles of Effective Altruism, specifically with regard to how to use one’s resources to do the most good. It is also informed by the advice of 80000 Hours about how to use one’s career to significantly improve the world.


Ryan Gourley

[email protected]
Ryan serves as Program Manager at Effective Thesis. To this work, he brings over 15 years of experience in leadership, organization, and community development within the health, sustainability, and education sectors. He holds a Master of Science degree from the University of Michigan School of Environment and Sustainability, where he specialized in behavior, education, and communication, and a Master of Entrepreneurship degree from the College of Engineering and Ross School of Business, focusing on social enterprise.

David Janků

[email protected]
David founded Effective Thesis and now acts as an advisor to the project. He has a Bachelor's degree in Psychology from Masaryk University and MSc in Organizational Psychology from the University of Leeds. He works in the Czech Science Foundation in the development and analyses team and also collaborates on a couple of academic research projects. He is also involved in the Czech Association for Effective Altruism as a board member and former community builder.

Silvana Hultsch

[email protected]
Silvana works on several tasks within the Effective Thesis - from communication with students to improving content. She has a bachelor's degree in Philosophy & Economics and soon a second one in Business Administration from the University of Bayreuth. She is interested in Global Priorities Research and does movement building in her local group and the Network for Effective Altruism in Germany (NEAD).

Daniel Hnyk

Daniel is in charge of developing and maintaining the Effective Thesis website. He graduated in Mathematical Informatics at the Faculty of Nuclear and Physical Engineering of Czech Technical University in Prague. His research mainly focuses on data science and machine learning, in which he also runs his business. Daniel is the founder of the Czech branch of the LessWrong rationalist community, and he is also involved in founding our Czech Association for Effective Altruism, where he now serves as a strategic coordinator.

Other supporters and collaborators

Martin Račák - significant help with web development

Vojtěch Veselý - significant help with web development

Jakub Zárybnický - significant help with web development

Caleb Huffman - help with running our Facebook community

And a big thank you also goes to all our coaches, funders and other supporters.

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