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Find a thesis topic

If you're looking for a thesis or dissertation topic, our content can give you inspiration.

Find particularly impactful research questions

Find inspiration in our research direction profiles and list of research agendas, which feature questions we think could have a particularly large positive impact. See here to learn how we choose these questions and sign up to our Topic Discovery Digest to receive ideas straight to your inbox.

Choose a question that's right for you

Read our guides on choosing a research question for undergraduate and masters students or for PhD students.


General research advice

Our research advice and resources can help you begin an impactful research career, whatever discipline you're studying and wherever you are in your research journey.

Our advice

Our advice covers topics such as how to find a great research question, write a successful PhD application, find a supportive supervisor, explore your fit for a research career and more.

Sign up for our Future Researchers Journey and we’ll send you weekly summaries of our advice.

Research resources and tools

Our collection of research resources and tools can help you to build skills for every stage of the research process.


If you're looking for a thesis topic, or you've already decided to work on one of our recommended directions and want further guidance, you could also apply for coaching.

Why apply for a call with us?

Our coaching can help you think through uncertainties you have about your research, such as what research question to pursue, which courses to apply to, and where to find funding.

If you want further guidance on identifying or tackling a research question, our coaches may also connect you with experienced researchers working on research questions that fit with your interests.

Supervision and connections

How can we help you find supervision?

Finding a great supervisor can make a huge difference to your development and future career. If you’re planning to work on one of our recommended research directions and looking for supervision, get started by exploring our database of potential supervisors.

Why join our Alumni network?

If you’ve completed our Future Researchers Journey or received coaching, our alumni network is for you! This is a place for aspiring and early-career researchers, from undergrad to post-PhD, to meet for peer-support and networking.


Find funding and early career opportunities

Do you need to find research funding? Or are you looking for internships, jobs, conferences and other opportunities? We can help!

Explore our opportunities board

Our opportunities board has research-related internships, jobs, conferences and more, relevant to the research directions we recommend.

How can we help you find funding?

Need funding for your research on one of our recommended research directions? Take a look at our list of funding sources. For further guidance you can also apply for coaching

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