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There are various ways we can help you or you can get involved with our work, depending on where you are in your academic journey or career. See below for more details.

If you’re a student:

As well as offering coaching, we can help you find supervision and funding, connections via our student community and research opportunities via our newsletter. 

If you know of an academic who could offer supervision in one of our recommended research directions, please let us know

Finally, we also have a thesis award you can apply for!

If you’re a more experienced researcher:

You could sign up to our network of experts; researchers who provide valuable guidance and informal mentorship to students interested in their field of research. 

If you’re an academic who could offer formal supervision to students working on one or more of our research directions, or know of a potential supervisor, please let us know.

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If you know anyone who will be writing a thesis soon, or who might be interested in working with the students we coach, please tell them about us!