Chloe Dempsey has a Masters in Economics & Management (China Studies) from Yenching Academy of Peking University. She is currently working at Boston Consulting Group and is a Director of Cellular Agriculture Australia. You can read Chloe's thesis here and you can reach out to her at [email protected]

Cultured meat: Do Chinese consumers have an appetite?

Author's Note

Strengths & weaknesses of thesis

The mixture of quantitative (large-scale survey) and qualitative (interviews with a range of stakeholders) research methods made the thesis both enjoyable to write and more interesting to share with others. Although there may not be easily verifiable value in qualitative research, it also adds value to the analysis and discussion of the quantitative results. 

If I was doing this thesis again, I would broaden the survey and more deeply explore the psychological perspectives underpinning responses. I would also potentially do some data collection through small focus groups that allow for more organic exploration of key themes. 

Changes in perspective & recommendations

Since doing this thesis, I have maintained a deep interest in the broad area of alternative protein, and had considerable interest in my results and my experience/knowledge. For others considering researching this area, I would highly recommend doing so! I would suggest doing a comprehensive review to understand where there has been little research done e.g. exploring attitudes to cultured dairy products (perfect to explore in China).

How this improves the world

I think at the lowest level, this contributes to a greater body of research on the impact of industrial agriculture and potential solutions to it- as that body of research grows, so does public interest and coverage of it, initiating discussions on how this should have 'real' impact. More specifically, China is a key country to focus on for the movement of improving environmental, health, and welfare impacts on meat consumption- I have had a lot of interest in my thesis, which I believe has spurred further research and investment.

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