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About us

Effective Thesis project originated in the Czech Association for Effective Altruism, which promotes effective altruism in the Czech Republic and has been funded by the Centre for Effective Altruism.

David Janků

David (email) has Bachelor's degree in Psychology from Masaryk University and MSc in Organizational Psychology from the University of Leeds. His studies focused on leadership effectiveness, employee selection and training and remote work effectiveness. In terms of effective altruism, he is most interested in prioritisation and connecting community. David has helped to develop local effective altruism chapter in Czech Republic and now runs the Effective Thesis project.

David Horák

David (email) works in Prague as a media analyst. He studied Economic Policy and International Relations at Masaryk University in Brno and is most interested in extreme poverty and political reform. He has been a huge help with content creation in the first stages of this project.

Daniel Hnyk

Daniel (email) graduated in Mathematical Informatics at the Faculty of Nuclear and Physical Engineering of Czech Technical University in Prague. His research mainly focuses on data science and machine learning, in which he also runs his business. Daniel is the founder of the Czech branch of the LessWrong rationalist community, and he is also involved in founding our Czech Effective Altruism Chapter, where he now serves as a strategic coordinator. In the Effective Thesis project, he is in charge of maintaining this website.